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December 01, 2023

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Experience, Value and Integrity
AircraftMerchants specializes in export assistance for international buyers. We have assisted many buyers from countries around the globe, including: Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Nigeria. We have deep experience in making the entire purchase and post-sale export project an easy process for our international clients. Whether offering one of our listed aircraft or actively finding the right aircraft, we have made the international buying process simple and systematic. We take care of every detail and communicate clearly at every step.

- Selection and qualification of targeted Aircraft
- US Ownership Trusts
- US Domestic ownership and insurance
- Pre-purchase inspection facilitation
- Post-purchase avionics, equipment or maintenance upgrades
- Ferry flight planning and management
- Surface shipment and logistics mangemant
- Containerization and inland drayage services
- Export Certificate of Airworthiness Inspections
- Bonded escrow for closing and post-purchase US funds disbursements

AircraftMerchants provides all export services for reasonable fees with effective, careful oversight and management to ensure satisfaction and successful completion of your aircraft export project.

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